Change state of object when 4 hotspots have been clicked

Hi community,

I have 4 hotspots on a page. Once all 4 have been clicked, the state of an invisible oval5 will change to reveal a textbox. Problem is, it's not appearing.

I created a variable called hotspots with a value of 0. Then created triggers on each hotspot to add 1 to the value of the variable if the user clicks this hotspot. So after clicking all 4, the value should = 4. I don't know why the state not changing?

It would be simple to change the state of oval5 on condition that hotspots 1-4 are visited. However, hotspots don't get listed as objects in the Object menu of the Trigger wizard.

See attached file.

Thanks for any tips.


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Wendy Farmer

Hi Selina

see attached updated file.

When you use layers on a base slide the timeline never restarts so the trigger to change the oval will not fire.

I have added the trigger to each layer when the user clicks the X button as you can't be sure what order the user will do the interaction.

Hope this helps