Change state of + Resume State


I want to change the state of an object each time I return on a slide. This slide has the option "resume to save state". I mean, there are some objects I do not want to change, and want to let them like they were the last time the user went on it.

But one of them has to be changed depending on the value of a variable.

Have you any idea ?

Thank you very much!

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Ashley Terwilliger

Hi Sebastien,

You may want to look into using a T/F variable for those objects, and you could either set the variable to change at the end of the slide's original timeline so that when a user comes back to it - the variable is changed, which has changed the state of the object or you could also change the variable on a slide that would proceed the user revisiting this slide.  There is a tutorial here on working with T/F variables.