Change state of "xx" when media start!

Hi there,

I appreciate the fonctionnality of  when "media completes".

I would benefit a simple when "media start".

I want to combine it with when "media completes".

Example: User click on a movie, everything goes hidden until media completes... Then everthing turns back to normal.

I've read a workaround with objets outside of the main windows and timeline triggers but I have yet to convince myself on using this technique.

I want to keep it simple, trying to avoid variables and workaround, because I have to program this fonction on a lot of Storyline projects that has been created a while ago. Trying to avoid starting from scratch on every movie slides.

I have yet to figure out a simple way!

Thank you!


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Richard Lorrain

Hi there,

Thanks for answering.

Here's some detailed informations about this issue;

We already have in the slide, 2 custom buttons that will appear on top of
the movie played. Like the one we see on youtube, vimeo and the like.

We also offerd the progress bar which contain a play and pause button.

The learner, then, have two choice to start playing the movie.

When he clicks on the button we design, everything is fine, button turns to
hidden and a button replay show up at the end.

When user clicks on the play button of the progreen bar, their should be an
action taken to hide our button in the middle of movie.

My (hopefully temporary) workaround now is to use the "when user click
outside the play button" then hide it. Only thing here is if the learner
accidentaly click anywhere on the screen, the button disapear.

I am missing something. Its been only 2 month with SL2. Can I actually
attached an action to the play button in the progress bar?

Thank you