Change state to Complete from Activity "Continue" button

So I have my Complete action working for the most part.  I have now comes across a brick wall again.  This time, I'm trying to go back after completing an "Activity" and from the "Continue" button to send it back to a few slides previous to the Activity slide and I want to it so show "Complete".  Not working?

From slide 1.21, when complete, want to click on "Continue" and send it back to 1.22 RRSP 2 to show "Complete".

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Michael Hinze

See attached file. The trigger to change the RRSP button to complete didn't work because the 'When Variable changes' condition is limited to the slide where the change actually happens (in your case slide 1.21). I set the slide properties to Reset to Intial state and adjusted the trigger to When timeline starts. Hope that helps.

Michael Hinze
Phil Mayor

I would probably leave at resume saved state this way you only get the flicker once when it changes state, the timeline starts trigger should still fire without the need to reset to initial state.

Good point Phil. I had forgotten that Daniela also wanted to display the Visited states of the three buttons. So, yes, in this case, leave Resume Saved State.