Change state while mouse buttons is still down

Jun 26, 2015

Hi, I have a drag and drop interaction which works like this:

  1. User "clicks on the Drag Item"
  2. State changes to "selected"
  3. The Drag Item is dragged and dropped on its destination with the selected state

This works fine. However, what I would like to do is:

  1. User "click on the Drag Item" 
  2. With the mouse button still down - change state of "Drag Item"  to the "selected" state
  3. Then drag and drop the Drag Item to its destination with the selected state

Basically as soon as it's clicked and dragged, the state needs to change with the mouse button still being down. Hope that makes sense.... is this possible?

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Marina Grinberg

Hi Tim, thanks that's half way there... the background and "object dragged over" works now. But when you drop it onto the target it stays "selected" instead of "Drop Correct". It's ignoring my trigger that says if dropped into this target change state to "Drop Correct.  (I should have added that into my original post - my mistake - i didn't realise that state was being ignored)

Would you mind having a look at the project? otherwise here are the triggers Triggers

Prashant Patil

Hi Mazz,

i have made some changes in your file please take a look at it, or if you want to go with what you are doing you will need to add drop target in the form view and will need to unchecked the option delay item drop states until interaction is submitted this will solve your problem, please check the attached story file for your reference.



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