Change Story Position seems to be no longer available

I have recently upgraded Storyline 360 to the Nov. 2nd, 2021, version (Build 3.57.26476.0).

It seems that in this version the Change Story Position function is no longer available. However, with this function it was possible to choose whether the story was to be positioned in the top left, bottom center, etc., when the story size was changed.

Is there a new way how to change the position of the story? I desperately need this for building my simulation courses (similar to what David Anderson is doing:

This was the OLD option:


And this is what it looks like NOW:


Even if I uncheck the "Scale existing content to fit" box, I do not get additional options for changing the position.

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Birthe Braunert

Thanks, Phil. Do you happen to have a link to the KB article that you've mentioned in your post? I can't find it, and hope to get at least some tipps on how to achieve some of the old functionality...

It's hard to believe that such an important feature was removed just like that. This completely messes up my concept for simulations and, at the moment, I'm somewhat clueless about how to come up with a new concept for our projects (I needn't mention that we are on a tight timeline)...

Hopefully, creativity kicks back in tomorrow.