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May 21, 2012

Hi Everyone,

I have just come out of a meeting where it was suggested that the tab in the Player should read 'Contents' not 'Menu'. I was pretty sure Storyline allowed you to change the name of these tabs but looking through the tutorials it seems I can't. Does anyone know if I am able to, and if so how?

Also I have moved 'Resources' over as a tab next to the Menu Tab (which looks great) but as the resources mostly links to intranet locations I was wondering if I could make it like the menu tab so it shows a list of slides (I guess a second stream of slides)  that contain webobjects. Possible?

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Jill McNair

Hi James,

To change the text labels, click on the 'Player' icon by the preview button.  In the Player Properties box, click on the 'Text Labels" option, then scroll down the alphabetical list to Menu tab - change the word in the right column to 'Contents,' click the 'update preview' button and you are all set!

For your question about the 'Resources' section - as far as I can tell, it is a simple list that you cannot indent.  But since you are assigning the labels/links, you could number them.  Does the picture below do at least part of what you are asking?

Hope this helps!


James Brandwood

Hi Jill,

Ahh there it is - i did skim over the section of the tutorial about text lables as i assumed they only related to the possible success/failure messages and buttons you encounter in slide. This helps a lot!.

The second part of your answer doesn't quite match what I mean, but you have given me an idea to get around the problem. I could possibly make the resources links, link to slides in the module. That way when a person clicks on the resources link it acts like it is opening the slide.

Thanks again

Jill McNair

Hi James,

One of the things I love about Storyline is that if a built-in feature does not meet the needs of your project, you can almost always build your own.  Why not try building your own Resource section?  

There's lots of ways to do this, but the general idea would be to create a Resource slide (perhaps in a scene by itself) and a way to link to it from every slide via a button (perhaps placed on a Master slide).  You'll also have to consider whether and how to link the user back to where they were.  

Hope this gives you some ideas!


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