Change the Character throughout an entire course

May 31, 2012

I have a completed course using one of the vector character models.  My client has asked if I could change the model. 

Is my only option to click on each slide and layer and change each character manually, or is it possible to change them with one action?  Seems like you should be able to do this....


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Hugh Gardner

Mind you if you want to give the learner the option of choosing a "spokeperson" you could construct such a change a variety of ways.

1.  Branching with multiple copies of the slides

2. a variable set when they choose the model that then changes each slide on timeline start to reflect the chosen model (high potential of complexity), ect

But if you just need to change the character once throughout the file, it's pretty easy to use the character dropdown, but can get complex if there are states.  

Simon Perkins

I've built courses where the learner can select a character early on, the choice of which is assigned to a variable, e.g Player = Ted, Player = Sally etc.  Then each time a character is on screen, I give them a state for each character, with the chosen display state being determined by the value of Player (triggered either on the slide, the layer or whatever).   

Carley Grimes

Hi everyone, I understand that this was posted some time back, but hopefully someone can help.

I am also creating a program that the learner can select a character - either a boy or girl character. Previously, I branched the slides and created two copies of everything - so if they selected the boy, only the boy slides would appear throughout. This meant that the file size was huge, and if I noticed one error, I would have to change it in two slides - the 'girl' sequence of the slides and the 'boy' sequence. 

I would like to clarify what Simon and Ashley referred to in terms of setting it up based on a variable. is it possible to just have one set of slides and once the learner chooses their option, only that character appears throughout (so without having to duplicate all the slides)? Could this be through layers?

Thanks and I hope my request is clear!

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