Change the position of the slider thumb by clicking on position on the track

Aug 31, 2018


This is my first post here , So hello.

I think this is not possible here, but maybe You Heroes will help me out.


Is it possible to change the slider position by clicking on the actual track instead of just draging the thumb of the slider?

Imagine just default slider in articulate 360 with 10 steps and initial point is 5 .
What i want is just click on end of the slider and thumb will automaticly jump there. Then i click to position 3 and the thumb goes there, without dragging.


Thank You

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Eric Santos

Hey there, Jan!

I found a story file similar to what you're expecting, please find attached.
Credits go to Michael Hinze for the solution :)

Let us know if this satisfies your requirements.
Please note that sliders are meant to be dragged to change the variable associated with it.
What I attached here is sort of a workaround to fulfill what you have in mind.
Hope this helps. Should there be other concerns, do let us know.


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