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Phil Mayor

Variables are just containers to carry information between slides or allow you to manipulate the data.

You would create a variable by using the variable window on the right of the trigger panel. You can create 3 types of variables. Text to hold text, numbers to hold numbers or a Boolean that can have a value of true or false.

Create the most appropriate variable, and then you need a trigger on the first slide to adjust the value based on the state, you may do this when the user clicks or when the users presses next or when the timeline starts.

On your second slide create a trigger to change the state of your object on condition the variable is equal to the value you want tit to be.

Phil Mayor

Being a drag and drop that complicates it a little. Looking at this do you plan on having a series of slides where they drag and drop each and then build up the table? I would probably build another way using a freeform drag and drop and the suer drags the gifts onto an accept or decline table, giving feedback when they drop correct or incorrect, and bounce the incorrect ones back to the beginning.

Janice Pericich

I started out that way and actually posted another question. It was getting really complicated so wondered about the variables. If you look at the one I posted called Drag and Drop with Multiple Identical Objects and Multiple feedback, you will see what I mean.

I'm kind of lost as to how to accomplish this.