Change the State of Variable... Main Menu


I am using this function:

To trigger the states of my main menu buttons.

So if someone looks at module 1 and then returns to the main menu, the button state of module 1 is set to a visited state.

This seems to be working ok.

But I have created a Main Menu option in the Player, along with Glossary, Resources, ect.

For some reason when I access the Main menu from here, the states of the buttons do no change.

Which doesn't make sense, because I have a trigger set up on the 1st slide of every module that activates the variable when the timeline starts. (so it shouldn't matter how they get there)--right?

Any ideas why the player main menu link isn't activating the trigger?

I appreciate your help!



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Tracy Parish

Hi Samantha:

Try this with your Trigger Wizard (image, slide_trigger.png).

I believe for it to function as you are describing it shoudl be:

Adjust variable
Value TRUE
When timeline starts

You have set it to equal itself instead of changing it from FALSE to TRUE as they visit the slide.