change typeface color in Resources

I'm modifying the Storyline Player and I'm having trouble figuring out how to change the color of the text in the Resources tab.

I've changed the color of the word Resources, Glossary and Menu...........

but when you click on Resources, there's text at the top of the box. The default reads:

Here are some useful links and documents:

I'm trying to change that color to white. When I go to Advanced Color Editing, I can't find which thing will change that color........ under Resources, it only allows me to change the Separator color

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Bill Koza

Hi Leslie,

Thank you, however, that is for SL1. I am looking for where to change the color in SL2. Here is what I did as a work around, which I added to a post I put up looking for an answer.

I was able to locate the setting for the heading text in the Resources tab in SL1; it is under editor>html_text. In SL2 this should work under editor>Text but it doesn't. So, I changed the text and colors in SL1 like I wanted then exported the player from SL1, then imported it to SL2 and the colors were updated.

Also, I am using the trial version and this made me wonder if I upgrade will I still be able to use SL1.


Eric Stavney

I look forward to what the QA Team comes up with, as I have this issue too.  The color theme of the Player we use call for a white-gray background in the Resources drop-down window.  The "Here are some links..." text is in white, which is nearly invisible against the gray background. But there's no way to change it.   Wish I had Storyline 1 to do the workaround that Bill suggested!

Ross Murray

Hi is there a way to have the resources intro text a different colour from that used in notification windows? In notification windows I need the text to be white, in the resources menu I need it to be black. Problem is that that they are sharing the same reference. This is in SL3. Was wondering if anyone has any ideas? Also I need to adjust the font size of 'Here are some useful links..' but the player font size doesn't seem to control this?

Normally I turn the default player controls of and use a custom player but the client has requested this so these settings are new to me.

Any help much appreciated.



Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Ross, 

When you said notification window, do you mean something like the pop up that would appear such as the "Invalid Answer" or "Resume prompt" messaging? Those are both controlled in the Editor drop down for custom colors, but in two different spots. Take a look at this tutorial and you'll see I highlighted pieces on this screenshot. 

Ross Murray

Hi Ashley, thank's very much for your help. I'd actually figured that out yesterday and had forgot to update this thread! I've actually came across another issue with the 'Resources' pop-up - the text size doesn't seem to be respected in the HTML5 output when you adjust it above the default for the player font size?

I've discussed this more in this thread;

Any thoughts much appreciated. 

Thanks again,


Lauren Connelly

Hi Access Pointe!

It looks like you may be using a custom player. I'm happy to help change the color of the Resources tab. Do you mind sharing your project with me? Here's an upload link. I'll let you know when I receive it and respond as soon as possible. I'll also make sure to delete it after troubleshooting.