Changed name of published folder - Training will not load now

Sep 22, 2016

**Edit: This may be a issue. I'll update the details below**

Hello everyone, 

This a tricky problem to explain so don't hesitate to ask questions in case I'm not entirely clear with my description. Also, I've used Storyline 2 for a few years now and have never encountered the issue I'm about to describe. However, it's worth noting that this is my first time doing so at the company I'm currently working for.

So I've just published my SL2 course for the first time from my work laptop. Each time that I've published this file up until now has been while I was working at home from my personal computer. When working on my personal computer I can easily change the folder name to delete the "- Storyline output" suffix and Story.html opens without issue.

This time, while doing it on my work laptop, I opened Story.html and was greeting with a spinning Flash logo. I copied the link to Firefox and Chrome and received the same loading animation. So I closed the browsers, changed the folder name back to "my project name - Storyline output", opened Story.html  with Internet Explorer, and it worked.

I tried moving the folder to another location, repeating the rename steps, and received the same issue as before with the loading animation.... Weird right?

I rightly suspected that it wasn't because Story.html can't see story_content because this has never happened before today and on my work laptop. To appease my curiosity I checked the code in Story,html and confirmed it's only linked to relative addresses below the starting folder level. 

That leads me to believe the company has some weird configuration set within Windows 7's group policies that is triggering this to happen, but I'm at a complete loss as to where to look or what to tell IT to change.

**Edit: The company uses (and Box Sync) so I publish my files directly to a mapped folder on my local drive to ensure it gets immediately backed up. This applies to all of the points above where I was publishing the content. I just tried publishing it to My Documents and the training opened just fine after I renamed the folder. Then I moved the renamed folder into a brand new folder withing my folder structure and it broke again. 

Does anyone have any insight this problem?

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Ali Goulet

Hi Sean- Thanks for taking the time to share your experience here so eloquently! This actually sounds like it may be related to what Ashley explained over in this post regarding the spinning wheel you're seeing. Take a peek at the links and suggestions she lists in that article and let me know if they help to resolve this issue. Thanks again! :)

Sean Aikins

Hi Ali, 

I have experienced the issues that Ashley mentioned with Chrome, but not with Firefox and Internet Explorer and this issue seems to be affecting all three browsers. I'll definitely give her suggestions a try, but in the meantime I'm open to any other suggestions if someone ventures into this thread. After some testing last night, the issue appears to be limited to publishing when the destination is a locally synced folder. 

For now I'm just leaving the folder name in tact. :) I'll report back once I'd had a moment to experiment with Ashley's suggestions.

Sean Aikins

I'm feeling a bit foolish. After running into the same issue on my home PC, where I publish to Dropbox synced folders, and which is not anywhere near as locked down as work laptop is, I began investigating this issue again.

Then I stumbled upon this article:

So I came here to share the news that it completely fixed the issue on both my machines. Then I looked at Ashley's post again and realized she linked to the same thing, I just saw that it her post was geared towards Chrome and dismissed it without fully reading it.

Problem resolved. Lesson learned, LOL.

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