Changes to a course, not showing into the LMS upload

Hi, I made some changes to a course in SL, I had already uploaded to our LMS. I removed the first course in the LMS, published the new one and uploaded it okay. However, the new course does not include the changes I made, it keeps holding the new one. I save the new zipfile and upload the new one, but .. changes are not coming across. Where am i going wrong? Thanks Tracey


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Erin Sadler

Ours can be a bit awkward this way - without getting too technical, if you use the same file name, it often doesn't load the new files (even if you clear the cache in IE). We do have our (in house) LMS programmed to 'refresh' every 30 minutes so changes ARE implemented, but if you need to check something immediately, it's worth using a new file name - not a solution I know, but might that help?

Crystal Horn

Hi there, Tracey. I like Erin's thinking, here - There might be something happening in the cache. Can you test in more than one browser?

Also, try launching the story_html5.html file directly from the output folder. We don't recommend testing all things locally, but I'm curious to confirm the published output really does hold the changes.

Let me know how you make out!