Changes to Feedback Master Do Not Translate to Slides

Nov 12, 2015

I've looked through the forums but cannot find the exact issue I'm having.

When I edit the feedback masters in my course, I am moving the text boxes to a different location on the screen. When I exit the feedback master view and return to the course, the text boxes are in their old location.

I have tried deleting these boxes from the master slides and adding new placeholders. When I do that, the new placeholders show up correctly but the old text boxes show up too.

I can delete these when working in the slide but it is frustrating and time consuming. Please let me know if there is something I am missing here.

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Walt Hamilton

When you create a slide,  everything on the master is placed on it. But when you go back and change the master, the changes affect new slides, not necessarily old ones. To get the changes to take effect, go to layout, choose a different layout for the slide, then go to layout and choose the original layout. The slide reads the new master, and the changes will take effect (probably).

jane  not a pain

Hi Jenna

I found this tutorial from Matthew Guyan very practical and helpful, and it works for me....

I find the whole setup and working of  the Feedback Masters slide, combined with Form and Slide View, and timelines, and slide layers, to be very confusing, awkward and contradictory.... maybe too many moving parts?

Matthew demonstrates 3 key tasks when setting up the Feedback Master slide:

1. Deleting the original text boxes from the other layout slides under the Master

2. Inserting a separate shape into, and, on top of each layout slide (correct/incorrect etc)

3. Then sending that shape to the back

See 4.40 especially...

Anyway, while this is late, hope it helps



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