Changing 1 object to multiple states

I have one object  that has 3 states (Normal, Myth and Final). When the user clicks the Normal state, I was able to create a trigger that changes the state to Myth.  However, I can't figure out how to get it then to change automatically to the Final state (without the user clicking it) when the Myth state has already appeared.   

So the basic idea is this:

Normal State: This is a dog
Myth state: MYTH (icon)
Final State: This is not a dog, it's a cat. 

Hope this makes sense and thank you in advance for your help with this. 



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Lisa Lam-Cadieux

Hi Leslie, 

Thanks for your help with this! Attached is the slide. I have 4 objects that I'd like the user to click on to reveal if each are a Truth or Myth, and then I was hoping to have the correct text appear. After they've clicked all four objects, only the correct texts will be visible which they'll know since all the objects will be blue in color.   

Leslie McKerchie

Thanks Lisa! Looks like you had the states set up for the first two boxes, but I did make a couple of adjustments. Selected is a built-in state and it looks like you used that once and I set up a custom state for the final change, so that the built-in behavior would not override what you wanted and display behind your selected state.

Take a look at this file and see if it's closer to what you are looking for. You can then copy what I've done to your other objects.

Hope that helps :)

Lisa Lam-Cadieux

Hi Leslie, I doesn't seem to be working unfortunately, it changes from Normal to Selected, but doesn't then change to Answer state. I'd like to have the user click on the Normal state, which triggers the Selected state appear, then the Answer state to appear. All executed with just one click :)  

Leslie McKerchie

Oh, I misunderstood. I thought you wanted the Answer to appear once the user clicked something else. Did you see that happening when you clicked the other object?

There would need to be an action to trigger the state change, not sure how you could do that with one click with multiple items on the slide.

Perhaps someone in the community will be able to chime in and help you with your design.