Changing a custom state using triggers

Jun 22, 2018


I found this great Likert Scale Stars story that I would like to customize but I am having trouble. The original creator used a SL character which is cute but I need a customized picture that changes state when the learner clicks 3 Stars and above. I have watched videos but I am lost, could someone please assist me? Thank you

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Michael Hinze

I edited the states of the GoAni2 object so that the Normal state shows the "non-happy" image (in your file you had the image in both states). Then I edited the slide triggers to change GoAni2 to Normal when... and to Celebrate when...

The Likert scale (Star1 object) also uses custom states. Clicking any of the hotspots that sit on top of the scale will change its state to 1star, 2star, etc.

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