Changing two shapes back to normal (simutaneously) after an option has been selected (Learner changes their mind)

Mar 23, 2017


I am creating a quiz question, with 3 possible responses and two are correct.  Each response has two items, an oval shape with a 1, 2, or 3 in the shape, and a rectangle outline for the actual text. So there are 6 shapes total, 2 per response.  Each shape has a "Normal" state which is gray and a state which is "Yellow_selected.  If a learner clicks on a choice the response box and its oval shape turns from "Normal" to  a "Yellow_Selected" state on click to indicate their selected response(s). 

If a learner has already clicked on a response and it appears as the "Yellow_Selected" state, how can I make both shapes (the oval and rectangle outline) change back to "Normal" when the learner clicks on the response a second time - as if they are changing their mind or unclicking that (now) yellow choice back to the normal (gray) choice?

I can do this if there is only one shape involved, but I can't figure out how this is done if there are two separate shapes involved.

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Richard Hill

Hi Dana, You could show a hidden button that is above your "yellow _selected"  similar to what David Anderson did here.

On your new button add 2 triggers to change state to normal for each shape.

Thanks again for the Heroland compliment!

Dana Kocalis

Thanks Richard.  After a yummy lunch and a fresh perspective, I figured it out with your help.  Your idea of placing all shapes in the same state triggered me (pun intended :) )

Here is what I did:  I changed the slide to a multiple response then added the shapes (oval and rectangle) to each response they way I wanted them to appear which was, yellow oval and yellow outlined rectangle as the selected state for each of the "Selected states."

Thanks for your help - not sure why I didn't think of this before...I guess I like to take the long way around the mountain lol


Barbara Gold

I'm trying to do the same with a single shape...have user click again to change state back to normal, but it won't change it to down state if I have the 2 triggers. can someone please tell me what I'm missing? single shape: 2 states. normal and down.  condition if state is normal and user clicks, changes to down. 2nd trigger, condition if state is down and user clicks returns to normal, but isn't working. when I have both triggers, and you click, it flashes but keeps it normal. help? please? I am VERY new to storyline coming from captivate.

Wendy Farmer

Hi Barbara

can you add a selected state to each and if you only want one to be selected at a time you could create a button set (highlight both objects tight click > button set). When you have a normal and selected state on an object you don't need triggers - these are inbuilt Storyline states.

sorry if I've misunderstood your requirement - if so share your file and someone can take a look for you. Just use the grey 'add attachment' button at the bottom of the post to upload.

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