Changing a State from Normal to Visited based upon quiz results

Feb 04, 2019



I have a topics slide in which I would like a tick to appear over each topic once that topic is visited AND once the quiz related to that topic is passed successfully.

I have created a visited state for each topic in which a tick shape is superimposed over the topic.

The trigger I have set up is:


Action: Change state of

On Object: Topic 1

To State: Visited

When: Timeline starts

Object 1.8: Topics Slide

On Condition: Results.ScorePercent > = Greater than or equal to 80


Is this correct variable to use if I want the tick to display only once the quiz is passed?


Hoping someone might have an idea.


Many Thanks,








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Andrew De Jong

Thanks Crystal. I ended up adding a checkbox (tick shape) over each topic. I changed the initial state of the check box to 'hidden'. I then added a trigger to change state of checkbox to normal (to appear) when the results.score.points >/= results.pass.points.

I think I may have been linking to the incorrect results slides.

Working now. Cheers.