changing a state if a number variable increases

Apr 27, 2020

Hi all,

I have a gamified project and would like to change the state, or a slide layer if a number variable just increases or decreases generally, NOT to a specific number value.  Any options appreciated :)

For example ... the score icon glows any time the score increases ... Or a buzzer sounds any time the score decreases. 

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Steven Meikle

Hi Walt,

Thanks for your reply.

Yes I have that already included - But what I was wanting was a general trigger that changes when the score increases or decreases - so I do not have to go into every interaction and add an individual state change.   

Presently I have a state change if the score (number variable) changes > show glow.  But this glow also shows if there is a decrease (as that is also a "variable change")

What I am asking is can you do this ... if the score (number variable ) increases (not merely changes) > show glow.

i.e. one trigger only for any increase - anywhere in the project (NOT individual triggers on each possible increase).

ditto for decrease = one trigger for any decrease

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