Changing a State when a Button is Clicked on a Different Slide

Jun 02, 2014

Is there a way to change the state of an object on one page when a different page is visited?

I'm building something with a learning map / chart of concepts on the main page, and I want the buttons to reflect when the page for each concept has been visited. The trouble is, the user can navigate to some of the pages without clicking the buttons on the main page (ie from the other concept pages to related concept pages).

I tried:

  • Creating a variable on Page 2 and setting it to "false"
  • Changing variable to "true" when timeline on Page 2 starts
  • Creating trigger to change button state to visited on Page 1 when changes and variable = "true"

But that didn't do the trick. Is this something that can be done?

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Michael Hinze

Hi Zoe, welcome to the community. Without seeing your file I can only guess that the problems lies in your third step. Because the variable changes on page 2, your trigger on page 1 should be set to 'When the timeline starts'. See an example here with seven menu items that can be clicked in any order. A sectionxyzcomplete variable is set on the last page of a section, before returning to the menu. Back on the menu page, the button state are changed when the timeline starts and variable sectionxyzcomplete is true. Hope that makes sense.

Michael Hinze
Kathryn Kelley

Hi Michael.  I am trying to achieve the same thing as Zoe but have never worked with variables before.  Is it possible for you to upload your example with the seven menu items so I can see how to set this up?




@Kathryn, see attached .story file for the example..

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