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Bill Lindenmuth

Hi Michael,

I think the issue is more in changing the text box with the answers rather than the feedback. I am trying to update information to 2017 figures. For example, the weekly wages for people with a doctorate is $1,743 and the unemployment rate is 1.5%. For people with less than a high school education the weekly pay is $520 and the unemployment rate is 6,5%. I am having trouble making that type of change. I have attached the file. 



Michael Hinze

Ah, now I understand. The textboxes that hold these values sit under the Start button. So you need to temporarily 'turn off' the Start button in the timeline. Also, all these textboxes are stacked on top of each other. I would turn them all of, then turn on one field that you want to change, edit the text and then on to the next. The Form View shows the mapping between rectangles and textfields. See attached file where I revised fields as per your description. Once you are done, make sure that you make all the fields and Start button visible again.