Changing assessment direction depending on which path they took in previous scene.

Hey all!

Just trying to direct the students in different directions when going through the assessment questions depending on which path they took in the previous scene.

At the moment I have it set up to automatically divert to different question sets halfway through the assessment and then link back up at the last few questions depending on how many slides in total they have viewed for the entire project using variables, which kind of works... The problem is depending on if they are re-sitting the assessment due to change of skill set or up-skilling, as a bulk of the package covers all the students, so when resitting they have an option to skip certain parts of the package, which is where the "slides viewed" variable can fall through, as the total slides viewed will vary if they have skipped these sections. 


Wondering if there is a better way to direct them that once they click the 'next' button they are sent in two or three directions depending on what they have already viewed, for instance - if they have viewed 'this' slide on 'this' scene they are sent to 'this' slide or 'this' scene. 


Hope this makes sense, any help would be greatly appreciated!



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