Changing button state when layers involved

Hi there,

I've created a slide with a scenario of an architect meeting her client. The learner clicks on 3 questions to find out more from the client.

I'm having trouble with the "I'm finished meeting my client button". It is supposed to appear as "visible" once all 3 questions are "visited". The problem is that even though I have created triggers for the questions to change state to "visited" when "clicked", they only change temporarily and then become "normal" state once the learner clicks another question.

How do I make my "Ask your client a question" questions "visited" after one click and remain visited even after learners click on the other 2 questions? Hopefully with that fixed the "I'm finished meeting my client" button becomes "visible".



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Alyssa Gomez

Hi there Michelle!

You actually don't need triggers to "Change state of rectangle to Visited when user clicks" because Visited is a default state. The rectangle should change to the Visited state when the user clicks it without a trigger.

See if removing those triggers helps any. If not, feel free to share your .story project file here, and we can take a closer look at your set up!

Walt Hamilton

You should be able to visit a layer, and press CTRL-A (select all), followed by CTRL-C (copy).

Then navigate to the new slide and press CTRL-V (paste or velcro). Everything and all the triggers should transfer to the new slide. You will have to go in and make sure the triggers point to the new objects.