Changing character states when submitting an answer

I'm currently creating a quiz using the graded multiple choice template. I've added a character and i'm looking to change it's state to happy on when the correct answer is submitted and confused when the wrong answer is submitted

However I can only get the character to change states when the answer is selected which effectively gives away the answer. Can anyone help?

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Helen Tyson

Hey Howie,

If you put a character on the base layer, with appropraite expression for asking the question, you cna then take a copy of it and paste it onto each of the Feedback layers. 

Then change the expression appropriately on each layer so when you submit the answer the layer shows with the character looking happy or confused as necessary.

An extra thing to do, especially if you change the pose as well as the expression, is on each of the layers make sure to open up the base layer objects in the layer timeline and the character on the base layer so you don't get a doubling up effect


John Waldner

Hi...I know it's 8 years after this initial answer, but this was one of the first I saw when I googled this question so thought it might be worth an update for anyone else trying to do this!

Another way of doing this is to define new states for the character on the base layer called 'correct' and 'incorrect' (or whatever you want to call them!). Then add a trigger to the Correct and Incorrect  layers on the slide to change the character to the required state when the timeline starts on the layer. Be aware, however, if you move or flip the character in the base layer, the other states are not going to automatically change correspondingly, so worth checking each state fits in with whatever else is appearing on the correct/incorrect layers! For this reason, Helen's answer might be a better option as more straightforward to see what's going on on the layer, but thought worth mentioning this other solution as it might be useful in some situations (and this is how it was done on a project I was working on and it took me a while to work out what was going on!).