Changing color/style of a specific word with Javascript in Storyline


I know I asked this question before but no reply so far - sorry for the repetition. I am sending a string to an articulate variable through Javascript. I want to display the string in a textbox. I embed html code in the string. The assignment to the variable works correctly.

I find that the html tags <b><u><i> work. However, <font color="red"> does not work, nor does the strikeout tag: <strike> or <s>.

I am trying to display a string where certain words are highlighted or struck out - just bold or underline is not enough.



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Andrew Lian

Thanks for the great idea Steve, unfortunately the string I am building up has no predicted order and no predicted number of sub-strings which could be assigned to "zone" variables. I don't know how difficult it would be to implement a greater range of tokens but they would make a big difference to people who want to go beyond the standard capabilities and especially, interactions, which Articulate provides. A real pity (at least for me).

Thanks again :)