Changing color/style of a specific word with Javascript in Storyline


I know I asked this question before but no reply so far - sorry for the repetition. I am sending a string to an articulate variable through Javascript. I want to display the string in a textbox. I embed html code in the string. The assignment to the variable works correctly.

I find that the html tags <b><u><i> work. However, <font color="red"> does not work, nor does the strikeout tag: <strike> or <s>.

I am trying to display a string where certain words are highlighted or struck out - just bold or underline is not enough.



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Steve Flowers

Hey Andrew - the formatting options are really limited. However, you might be able to work around it by using multiple "zones" within your text. This could work in some situations. In my experience, these work:


%first part% %second part formatted with red and bold% %third part%

Andrew Lian

Thanks for the great idea Steve, unfortunately the string I am building up has no predicted order and no predicted number of sub-strings which could be assigned to "zone" variables. I don't know how difficult it would be to implement a greater range of tokens but they would make a big difference to people who want to go beyond the standard capabilities and especially, interactions, which Articulate provides. A real pity (at least for me).

Thanks again :)