Changing colors and actions on buttons and characters

Hello!  I have created a slide in Storyline 360 whereby the button changes color (green to red) and the character changes expression (from neutral to anxious) when that button is clicked.

However, I cannot code more than one action; for example, I want to then code the button to change BACK to green when clicked (if the button is red) and the character changed to happy when the button is green.  My states are ignored.

Any thoughts?  Can I not code more than one action to occur or do I need a counter as well as an AND statement for this button?


Thank you.


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Diane Fallier

In order to do what you want, you need to use a variable. What was happening is the button was changing to alarm and then immediately executing the second trigger that changed it to happy.

I added a variable to use for the conditions. I also changed the look of the happy state so I could see the difference between normal and happy.

I hope this does what you want.