changing completion criteria in a SCORM package after publishing

We have a large number of Storyline courses published and implemented as SCORM 1.2 packages in our proprietary LMS.  I have access to all of the unzipped files on the LMS server that are served to end users such that I can update individual files directly and have done this for other needs in the past.

We have an issue where sometimes the last screen or two or three of a course is not recorded as viewed. For example, launch a 10-screen course, completion criteria is view all screens, view all screens and exit the course from screen 10: no status of complete.  Launch the course again, click Yes to resume, and you are taken back to screen 8, not screen 10 where you actually left off.  The screens require you to complete interactions before you can click Next so the user is on the screen more than long enough for LMS communication to happen and suspend data to get updated.  It works most of the time for most users but there are random failures in communication. 

Ideally I could edit some file in the SCORM package to change the completion criteria from 10 of 10 screens to 9 of 10 screens to mitigate this issue.  It would be way, way faster to edit an individual file already on the server rather than publish dozens of packages and upload them again and risk breaking compatibility with existing users' tracking data.

When the completion criteria is configured to be based on screens viewed, can that criteria be altered in the published SCORM package?  Where is that information contained?



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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi David,

We don't have any information to share on ways to change the information within the published output, and if a Hero such as Phil hasn't found it - not sure that it's an option. But if you're being returned to an earlier point in the course vs. where you actually left off, I'd suspect you're hitting the suspend data limit as detailed here, are you publishing for SCORM 1.2?