Changing end time to align with cropped audio

I have shortened my audio and cropped the end off.  How do I get all the figures and text in my timeline to end after the shortened audio ends? I have unclicked "show until end" and have manually indicated the duration for each figure.  The text box does not allow me to indicate the duration.  Is there a way where i can move the end point to where i want it and have the figures and text automatically adjust.  I have been doing this manually and it is very time consuming.  Thank you for your help!

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Walt Hamilton

Frankly, unless you have something set to happen when the timeline ends, having it hang out there doesn't hurt anything. Well, if you have a search bar, it might make it look a little funny, and depending on your makeup, you might take it as a personal affront. :)

If you do use the end of the timeline to trigger things, then click on the right margin of the timeline, and drag it left until you get to the audio end. Every object that is set to show until end will shorten with it.

As an alternative, you can set a trigger to jump to the next slide (or whatever happens at the end of the timeline) when the audio ends.