Changing hover state to a different format when an object is complete


I'm trying to create an object with 3 different states. This is what I'm trying to achieve:

A hover effect for when the object has not been selected

A completed effect for when specific slides in the story have been visited

A different hover effect to the first hover to be used when the completed state is in effect on the object.

I've got so far with this and have managed to get a different hover effect when the object is in the completed state, but when the mouse is moved away from the object, the second hover state remains and the object doesn't go back to the completed state.

I've attached the file. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks in advance.


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Matthew Bibby

Hi Kelly,

Wouldn't it be great if Storyline had a Selected Hover state!

I haven't looked at your file as I'm away from my main computer, but this tutorial might help explain some of the odd behaviour that you are seeing. 

You might have more luck if you avoid using the inbuilt hover state and instead create an alternative one that is controlled via triggers. It quickly gets complicated though...

Alley Perry

Thanks for responding Matthew. I've already checked your tutorial out, which was great by the way and did help to a certain extent. It's getting the second hover state to go off once the mouse moves away from the object that I'm having problems with. I'll have another play around with the triggers, see if I can get it working.