Changing Illustrated Character Poses

Mar 19, 2015

What is the best way to change a character's poses on one slide? So far, I have just inserted separate poses and instances on the timeline, and controlled the expressions (states) using triggers. It works mostly okay, but it's hard to get them all aligned since poses differ.

Next, I tried inserting a character and using states to change the pose, thinking this was a clever idea. However, my normal character and state, which has a smaller width than all other poses in my states, stretches out when in playback. It looks distorted.

I'm trying to get a non-talking face for a bit and then talking, or asking, and then back to smiling when the audio is done. Just controlling the states works fine; it's just changing to multiple poses that seems to require multiple instances of the same character. Is this the best way?




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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Amy,

This thread has a few different examples on how you may want to set this up - and as you can see there are a number of ways to accomplish this within Storyline. 

I'm more curious about your "stretched" out poses, and would want to confirm that you're working with a DPI setting of 96 described here and that you're also working on local project files. 

j. de jong

Hey there,

I found out that if you use a different layer with the same character in a different pose on that new layer, you can make him or her change poses .

- Insert a new layer with all items of the bottom layer, except for the character you want to change

- Copy and paste this character to the new layer and change it's pose

- Define a trigger on the base layer saying it will change to the new layer on x terms

- Also define a trigger on the new layer saying it will hide the current layer on x terms

This seems to be working just fine for me!

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