Changing layout for recorded step-by-step slides

Hello All,

I am creating a software simulation wherein learners can view and try the steps, but I am unable to change the layout for the View and Try mode slides. If anyone knows a work around, or the the method to change the slide layout, or a way that I can pick the screencast and place it in the layout, it would be really helpful.



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Daniel Brigham

Hi, ajay: welcome to the forum. Once of the nice things about Storyline is that it holds on to your screen recording, even if you delete it off your slide. Go up to the "record screen" drop-down and you'll see all your recordings. If you want to change the mode (e.g., from try mode to video), just delete the version of your slide and re-insert it and select the mode you want. All the feedback the tool generates is customizable as well.

Regarding slide layout, I'm not totally sure what you mean. You can, of course, customize the slide to look any way you want it, though of course you have to take into consideration the legibility of the elements of the screen recording. You might check out the storyline tutorial on slide masters--I know it helped me. Does that help? Let me know, Daniel

ajay narang


Thank you for replying!

The screen recording works just perfectly fine and I have no complaints about that. My concern is, when I command Storyline to insert Slide Steps in View, Try, Test mode, it creates new slides with a white background, instead of picking the custom layout. I have tried to change the layout manually (Right-click on the slide and select Layout), but it doesn't work either. 

So, if anyone has a suggestion or a workaround to solve this, please do mention in this post.



Rebecca Fleisch Cordeiro

Hi Ajay,

Like Daniel, I'm not entirely sure what you mean either, but thought I'd post to try and help us to all clarify.

You mention in this latest post that the new slides all have a white background, so I began to wonder if you're referring to Design themes, which you can see when clicking the Design tab.

I'm not sure why SL wouldn't be using a theme when you insert the view and try modes, but if you click on any slide and then click on a theme, the colors/theme are applied to all slides in the story.

Not sure that's what you're looking for either. Perhaps you could post a bit more information, or some screen shots, or even a couple slides.

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Leanne,

If you're inserting the screen recording as video on a single slide, you'll be able to resize it as a normal video. If you're inserting it as step by step slides it becomes a part of your background, and therefore can't be resized. You may want to look at conducting the screen recording at a smaller size than your story size, so that there is some "border" space within the background where you could place another image.

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Cindy, 

I guess I wouldn't consider that a true "resizing" - but yes, you could "zoom" into the screen to show a different portion of it. Just keep in mind that is going to cause some blurriness associated with the images of the screen recording - but if it's a method that works for you, than go for it! 

Sydney Pierce

I would also like the ability to align step-by-step screen recordings somewhere else besides the middle. In my case, I would like to be able to align it to the top,  because I have company branding at the bottom that I would still like to be visible. I made the recording size slightly smaller than my slide to allow for enough space for the branding to be visible, but didn't anticipate that I wouldn't be able to align the recording to the top. So now, not only is the branding cut off, but there's also unnecessary empty space at the top.

Tony Konig

same... navigation bar at top. want to have simulation appear at bottom of screen.

Current fix is to use another .story file with dimensions that omit the height of the nav bar. Then, after recording, resize the story and keep the existing contents flush to the bottom.  Then copy slides into my template .story that has the nav bar on the master slides.  Lots of work.

Colette De Nardo

Hi! I have the same question as Ajay.  I would like to move the screen recording so that I can customize the slide but I'm unable to do this as there is no Format option. I've added an attachment so you can see what I'd like to do by adding important points under the recording.  Has there been an update that will allow customization? 

Thank you!