Changing MENU Navigation from Restricted to FREE (after completing course 1st time)


We use SABA Cloud LMS platform to launch all eLearning.  We produce in Storyline 2.0, but, will soon move to Storyline 360.  Further, we use the RESTRICTED navigation setting for all eLearning projects.  

We have Learners looking for assistance to use FREE navigation when returning to review the course for the 2nd+ time, after the original RESTRICTED course completion.  However, I cannot find a setting that allows me to enable free navigation when revisiting the course upon completion.  In SABA, the Learner can review from the beginning (or from the last slide viewed - default), but that is not giving Learners the flexibility to go back an select specific slides/sections of eLearning courses for the personal review.

I would appreciate learning if we can change course behavior from Restricted to Free navigation for Learners who return and wish to review a course after completion.  

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Tom Doyle

I appreciate your taking my question & providing feedback to this inquiry.

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