Changing Publish Format from HTML5 to HTML5/Flash

Hi, I am new to Articulate 360. and creating/testing a Interactive video for my company. Right now we are using a trial version of articulate 360 to test the interactivity. I was reading about output different compatibility as HTML5 and HTML5/Flash output.

I was wondering
1. If i can change it to HTML5/Flash ouput
2. Should I change it.
3. and if yes, how should I do it?

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Katie Riggio

Welcome to Articulate 360, Raghav! 😀

Great questions! I'm happy to answer those for you:

  • Storyline 360 has two player options: the classic player and the modern player. Check out this quick Peek 360 on how to pick the player style and publish format!
    • When you use the modern player which is the default style for new projects, you'll see HTML5-only output that works beautifully in all major browsers on desktop and mobile. Courses that use the modern player don't have any Flash content, so they'll continue to work when browsers stop supporting Flash.
    • When you use the classic player, you get to choose HTML5 output, Flash output, or both. If you need a Flash version of your course, be sure to choose the classic player and then follow the steps below to choose your publish formats.

Also, check out the Storyline 360's User Guide here and Getting Started with Articulate 360 overview here. These resources will help give you a solid foundation on all the neat features available at your fingertips!

Hope this helps, and we can't wait to see what you create!