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Gerry Wasiluk

On the quiz question itself, it's the hover state of each of the questions.  You can change it there for each answer.

For global application, you need to go to Design > Colors > Create New Theme Colors and set a new color for Control 1.

After you do that, the color change takes effect for any new questions you add.  Any previously-entered questions have to updated per the first method above.


Gerry Wasiluk

Hi!   Gotta run but here's a quick answer . .

Go to View > Feedback Master and look at the various layouts.  You can customize there for global application in your project.

Tip: hover briefly over each of the layouts and a pop-up will tell you how the individual layout is used in your course.

Also, for each individual question, you can also modify its Correct or Incorrect Layer (and Try Again layer if you have one).