Changing responses on slides when answer is correct

Hi everyone,

I am having an issue and would like your help.  I am creating a final for our sales training using storyline.  I have created a bunch of quiz questions slides and need the user to be able to go back and change responses before submitting for a score if they want too.

I thought I addressed the issue by having the question have unlimited attempts, deleting the response layers (so they don't know if they got it right or wrong), and having the previous button active.  I have found during testing you can go back to a slide and change the response if its wrong.  However, if the response is correct you are not able to choose a different answer.  The only way I know to address this is in the slide properties box changing the revisit option to "Reset to Initial State".  My only problem with that is that if the user goes back 10 slides to fix one response, they have to then answer the following 9 questions again because they were reset. 

Is there a work around or easy solution I am missing?

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Dan Patterson

I received an email from a friend that gave me the answer.  He sent me a link to an article on the articulate site I must have missed.  So for anyone else that has this issue, click the link below.  Thanks again Joe Deegan!