Changing Resume Behavior - What File is Updated?

Jun 05, 2017

Hello Heroes!

We have a course that needs a different Resume behavior than what it currently has - we're changing 'prompt to resume' to 'always resume'. When I re-export the course, what specific file will be changed in the output? We're hoping to update one or two specific files within the hosted course rather than re-uploading the entire thing as a new version.



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Amy Lewis

Apologies if I wasn't clear - we've made the changes in the Player Properties and have re-exported the course. I'm wondering, within that export package, which specific file(s) have changed if that was the only alteration between two course exports?

We have uploaded the course to SCORM Cloud for Dispatch already, and there is an option to update single assets/files directly in their system that does not affect user progress or registrations. We would like to take advantage of that feature, but I first need to know which file to overwrite.