Changing slide layout and custom templates


I have a set of custom templates saved in the Templates folder. I can access these templates when I create a new slide from the Templates pull down menu. But when I right click on an existing slide and select layout, these custom templates are not displayed. It seems to display some of the templates I created but not all of them. Is there a different folder I need to save these templates to? At the moment, the only option I have is to create a new slide and import the new template and delete the old one.

Grateful for any pointers.



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Dennis Hall

My I suggest...

First, verify all the templates have the "storytemplate" extension


Import the template to an empty course, then save it as a template (unless you have already done this). This should ensure it is save with the "storytemplate" extension and is placed into the correct folder.

If this does not work, I would recommend opening a ticket.

Best Regards,

Dennis Hall

Sampath Sundar

They all have the correct extensions and I have tried creating a new template with the imported slides. Still no luck. Ticket it is I guess. I have uploaded a screen captures of the issue. Another screenshot in the next post as this is only allowing me to attach one image to each post.

Thanks for the help.


Sampath Sundar

Just trying to get the files to support - in this instance it may not help if I uploaded a story file as that would not be able to highlight the issue (custom templates not displaying in the templates menu). Would it be best if I just uploaded the tow image files in the post above?

I am facing a similar problem with quizzes - not able to create a master slide for quizzes that have the same look and feel as the rest of the course as there isn't a way of getting these templates into the slide masters.



Ashley Terwilliger

Hi Sampath,

You can definitely share the images with our Support team as well, and that'll help them see what you're seeing. Sharing your file allows us to see if it's file specific or reproducible across Storyline - so sharing both is the best option. It looks like you're working with Jayem, so you can reply to his email and if you're having difficulty sharing the files with him let him know that and he'll continue to work with you on a way to send the files. 

Sue Ashby

Hello. I realize this thread is from quite a while ago, but I am experiencing the same issue in SL360.  I have saved a template file in the Storyline Templates folder and can only see some of the slide layouts when I try to apply a layout.  Basically any slide with interactivity (click to reveal, drag and drop, scenarios, timelines etc) don't appear as a layout option to apply.  

Is there a fix for this that I can try myself?  

Thank you for any help offered.


Lauren Connelly

Hello Sue!

I'm happy to help! In order to use the template, you'll want to import the template into a new project or the current project.  Would you mind trying to import the template into the project? Here's a short demo where I've walked through these steps in Storyline 360.

If this doesn't do the trick, you can connect with a Support Engineer for extra eyes on the project! Make sure to attach your .story file!