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Crystal Horn

Hi A M!  Thanks for the pro-tip!  That's a quick way to renumber your slides, for sure.  

Be sure to double check your navigation (triggers, next buttons- however you do it) is still accurate after moving those slides around!  Honestly, I always like to point to a specific slide rather than the generic "next" slide, but that's a design decision.

Katie Gokhshteyn

Hello, Will. Happy to lend a hand!

I had a peek at William's case, and see our team shared:

Dragging and dropping will re-number the slides within a scene. Keep in mind that dragging scenes around will not re-number the scenes. More on customizing the menu here!

We recommend to check the navigation triggers (e.g. next button triggers) after dragging and dropping slides to re-organize slide numbering. This helps ensure that these triggers are still correct after moving the slides around. 

Another function that you may want to look at is the Player menu. You can also change the order of the slides from here. You can open this from Home > Player > Menu. 

Let me know if that helps or if there's anything I can help clarify, I'll be here!

Janet Bernhards


I'm trying to renumber my slides as well. They are in the correct order based on the content, but the number  3.7 appears before 3.6. You'll see from the attached diagram... There are no prev/next buttons for slides 3.3 through 3.7. They all return to slide 3.2.

So, I want all of the slides to stay in exactly the same place they are in, but I want slide 3.7 to carry the number 3.6, and 3.6 to carry the number 3.7.  I tried dragging the scene out, as mentioned, but it wouldn't budge. Maybe something is preventing that? Renaming the slide doesn't change the number, so that doesn't help either.

In they player view, the numbered order is in sequence, but now the content isn't. I do realize that if I suppress the numbering in the player for the final, I can reposition the slide, but it's annoying to see the numbers out of sequence :-)

Hope this makes sense. Is there a way to change the number and not the position?

Using SL2.