Changing Slide Properties and Resetting layout for many slides

Aug 10, 2018

Hi there,

I am struggling with the concept of adjusting slide properties and changing layouts for many slides at the same time in Story View.

See atttached file.

Even I already have read tutorials about that topics.

Issue 1:
I can not change in "Story View - Slide Properties - When revisiting" for more than one slide at the same time. I mark all 3 slides and set it to "Reset to initial state",  than hit OK, only the current slide set up so. The other 2 slides remain on setting "Resume saved state". But as I marked all three slides all slides should actually have been set to "Reset to initial state"?

Issue 2:
I can not reset the layout via "Story View - Reset the layout". All 3 slides have assigned the layout "Frage". This layout has 2 text boxes. The upper one has green text colour, the lower one red text colour.

So I have set manually one all slides the text colour to blue. So then I mark all 3 slides via Story View and choose "Reset the layout". Then all slides should have been reset to green and red text. But they are still blue. Why?

Help is appreciated.


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