Changing slide titles so different slides have different titles at the top

Dec 13, 2016

I'm having some trouble getting the slide titles for different slides to be different within the same scene or different scenes. I try renaming the slides in storyview and that doesn't work. When  I go to PLAYER at the top then select MENU and change the title, it seems to do so for the entire project.  I don't want the menu throughout the project, but even when I do allow it for a slide and try to change the subtitles (representing each slide), that doesn't seem to work either.

Any suggestions? I imagine this is a simple fix.



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Dave Cox

Hi Elizabeth

The name of the scene in the storyview sets the name of the menu header for that scene in the menu. The names of the individual slides come from the names of the slides that you set column of slides that display on the left of the development environment. Click on the slide name to change it.

Finally, Storyline only provides one menu for your project. If you select player, and then menu from the data panel, you can edit what appears in the menu. You can rename the slide names for the menu, or remove them completely. I always put my quizes in a scene by themselves, and then delete that scene from the menu. I also don't display the menu during the quiz. I have to turn it off for each slide to make that work. 

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