Changing state of a slide object on the click of a hotspot

I'm trying to change the state of an object in a particular slide to which the hotspot redirects on the click. I have created a quiz in which I have customized the Correct and Incorrect layers. I have created a hotspot on the correct layer, which when clicked comes back to the questions slide. Here the object should get a tick mark on it if the answer is correct. For this, I have created a number type variable 'question1_change_state' and set it's default value to 0. I have created a trigger on the click of the hotspot and assigned the value 1 to the same variable. 

Now, in the slide in which the state of the object has to change, I have created a trigger; Change state of object to correct when the variable(question1_change_state) changes on a condition If question1_change_state == 1.


If the question1_change_state == 1, the object in the slide should get a tick mark

If the question1_change_state == 2, the object in the slide should get a cross mark

But this doesn't seem to work.


Could someone please suggest me a way?

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Michael Hinze

The "when variable changes" option is limited to the slide where the change actually happens. From your description, you change the variable value on one slide and want a state change to happen on another slide. In this case, you need to edit your trigger to "Change state of object to correct when the variable(question1_change_state) WHEN THE TIMELINE STARTS If question1_change_state == 1"