Changing state of an object from a different slide

Hi Guys,

I have a quick question in regards to Storyline 360. I have an opening slide which has an icon as hidden when the timeline starts, and I want the state to change back to normal when the user clicks an object on a different slide, as they will then return to the the opening slide after clicking the object and will then have to click the icon that was originally hidden to progress. I hope this isn't too confusing and makes sense, thanks 

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Michael Hinze

Create a True/False variable xyz that starts out as False. On the second slide, add a trigger to the object that sets the value of xyz to True (make sure that trigger is executed BEFORE jumping back to the opening slide). On the opening slide, add a slide trigger that changes the state of icon to Normal when timeline starts IF xyz = true.

Alex Grimshaw

Hi Michael,

I have attached the project so you are able to look if that is okay? As I have done what you stated above and it is still not working. The first page begins with the first medal, which when you click, takes the user to the first question, and when the corect answer is clicked shows the progression of the runner. When the user clicks the back button it takes the user back to the beginning screen, where I want the second medal to appear, which will then take them to the second question, and so on for all 4 questions. However the state is still hidden when I have set it to normal.

I hope you can help!