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Walt Hamilton


The 1.2 Course Summary file has a bit of schizophrenia. The txt_content has a trigger to change the state of the content rectangle, and that might be a problem.

Unlock the txt_content, then its name will show up in the trigger wizard, and it can change its own state.  (Note: the locking is only for your convenience while editing, it has no effect on what the user sees. If you want it locked, you can re-lock it after you edit its state and trigger.)

Next problem is that it has a visited state, but not a completed. Don't use visited state if you are writing your own trigger. The built-in states have their own triggers, which frequently conflict with yours. I copied the visited state, and renamed it Completed. Then I edited the completed state. I selected both the picture, and the lower text box, and gave them white fills because the original text was showing through.

Change the trigger, and change the trigger order on 3.5 Summary Section 2 and I think it will work

FWIW: On the Summary of Section 2, I think the slide looks well-designed and professional, and then the little home button comes on and runs all around the screen. I think it is a game, or something, and I am supposed to catch him. Personally, I would just bring him down from the top.

Anything else, don't hesitate to ask.

Eva Herreros

Hi Walt, 

For some reason it's still not working even after the changes to the trigger order and the states. I implemented them on layer2 as the course goes back there rather than the basic layer, 1.2 Course Summary.

I'd really appreciate if you could take a look. 



Ryan Davenport

There is a bunch in this feed so hopefully I didn't miss what I'm looking for. I have completion states on a "home" page that I want to show after completing a scene. I am able to get this functionality to work when the variable is set to change at the start/end of timeline, but don't seem to be able to get it to work when the variable changes on NEXT button click (native Storyline navigation). 

Am I missing something or does the native navigation not have the ability to adjust variables? Note I'm using 360 for this project.


Walt Hamilton

Any trigger that you can attach to a button can be attached to the NEXT button, but what usually happens is people add a trigger to it, and it doesn't seem to work. The cause is that new triggers are added to the bottom of the trigger list.When the button is clicked, the jump trigger is first, so it is executed first (seems logical, no?).  Once the system jumps to another slide, it ignores the rest of the triggers. Try moving the adjust variable trigger above the jump trigger in the list.

Another option in your case might be that it is changing the variable, but jumping before you see the result. It's hard to tell, without seeing the slides involved.

Walt Hamilton

If the timeline finished the first time the user visited the slide, it will not restart.

If the user left the slide in the midst of the timeline, it might restart.

The only way to guarantee that the timeline will start (which is the action the trigger depends on) is to set the slide to reset to initial state.

Unless you got different results when you tried it :)

Wendy Farmer

Hi Vico

here is a tutorial about Using Slide Masters in SL2 or SL360 (not sure which version you are using).

If you think of layers, the Slide Master is at the bottom, then objects on a slide are above the master so to answer your second question about objects 'on top' - no only if they slide objects don't cover the slide master object position.  So in my example if you have the dog in the bottom left hand corner and are using that slide master layout and then add another image that covers the whole slide, the image will overlay the doggie in the corner.

Not sure what you mean by question 1.  If you wanted you can create more than one slide master with layouts so your first SM may have the dog in the left hand corner and another SM may have the dog in the right hand corner. Then you can choose the layout you want from the Home Tab > Layout dropdown.

Walt Hamilton

Can I make objects on the Slide Master visible depending on the value of a variable?

You can create a state for the object on the slide master. You can change the state of the object based on a variable using a trigger on the slide master, or you can change the state of the object to hidden.

See the attached for some ideas.

Shane Jeffery

Hi everyone.

This is something so simple but I'm really struggling to get it to work. I'm  obviously missing something

I need the checkbox on 2.1 to switch state to normal when the Well done button on 1.2 is clicked.

I know it is simple but I just can't figure it out. It's so frustrating

Can anyone give me some tips?

Thank in advance

Richard Piper

I am new to Storyline and I am working with Storyline 360. My question is; I have a menu page and I want a checkmark to turn green after the student finishes each chapter. I also have a submenu that I want to have checkmarks by each section in a chapter to turn green when a student finishes the section. I am not sure how to arrange everything so it all works. If anyone can help me out and point me in the right direction I would appreciate it.