Changing state of button on template for specific slides only

May 21, 2012


I have custom next and previous buttons on a slide template to save me from having to add these to the individual slides.  I dont want the previous button to be displayed on the first slide of the scene.  Is it possible to modify the state of a button on the template depending on which slide is being displayed or would the button need to be pasted on the slides not the template.  I thought I could try using a variable and set it to true on starting the timeline on the first slide then having a trigger on the button to change the state of the button on the template depending on the value of the variable.  The problem here would be how do i ensure the variable is reset when the user leaves the slide as the timeline will not end if the user presses the next button while the slide is playing. Any ideas please on how I could do this. Thank you!

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Nancy Woinoski

I did something similar with my custom buttons by putting them on the slide master. The easiest thing to do is to create a couple of different layouts in your slide master. One with both the previous and next button and one the just the next button. Then just apply the one with the next button to your first slide and use the other one for the rest of your slides. It is a simple solution that does not require variables or state changes.

Stephanie Powner

Hi Nancy, 

Thanks for your quick reply.  The problem is that I am already using 10 layouts - 1 per scene each with buttons that do different things.  I am worried about having too many templates in case it gets too difficult to keep track of all the triggers etc.  I think in this case I am going to paste the button on the relevant slides ... as the trigger is going to be the same on all jump to previous slide ... it shouldnt take too long.  Thanks for saving me a lot of time trying to do something i cant.  

Stephanie Powner


I have added  my custom previous button to each slide and have used the a trigger to go to previous slide when clicked. The prev button now acts like a back button on the browser i.e. it retraces the users steps rather than going to the previous slide on the story view flow.  I know i can specify an actual slide for the trigger to jump to...but is this the only way as I want the user to follow the structure in the story view flow and no retrace their steps.  Thanks!

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