Changing state of drop target to use with trigger for custom invalid answer layer

Jan 28, 2017

Hi all - I'm relatively new to SL2, so I confuse relatively easily!  It seems like there would be a relatively easy solution to the following mystery, but I've yet to find it.  Any help would be appreciated.

  • I have a fill-in-the-blank/drag drop activity that uses a word bank with 9 drag items.  I have 4 drop targets.
  • I've created a custom invalid answer message and now I'm trying to create the base layer trigger to show when the custom message should appear.
  • I want the invalid answer message to prevent the learner from submitting if all 4 blanks are not filled.
  • It seems logical that I would change the state of the drop targets to 'Answered' when any shape (9 words in word bank) is dropped on it - but I cannot figure out how to create that trigger.  I see where I can change the states of drag items when they're dropped on targets, but not vice versa.

I've tried to figure it out myself, but have now reached cognitive overload.  Please help!


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Paula DeYoung

Thank you so much Wendy.  If I wanted to prevent the learner from leaving a blank empty (for example, dragging item 1 back to the wordbank and forgetting to replace it); would I use a variable that subtracts - or would I have to add additional parameters to the drop targets so they would not double-count? 

Wendy Farmer

Hi Paula

the triggers set up change the state of the drag item to 'dropped' you'd need to change your drag item back to 'normal' you're then getting into adding more triggers to change your drag item state back  to 'normal' and having a 'drop target' for bringing them back.

Just testing now and it is working of sorts but when they drag back the items drop on top of each other which won't work.


Wendy Farmer

HI Paula

see if we are getting closer with the attached.

i created a hotspot drop for each item when the user drags the item back and added a subtract trigger.

You may need to space out the drag items a little.

Maybe this will give you some ideas.

Paula DeYoung

Wendy, that is almost exactly what I was looking for!  You're amazing.  Now all I need to do is fix my drag/drop options (snap-to, etc) and my states (so the item resumes its normal state if it moves back to the word bank) - and I should be all set. 

Is there any advantage to using the hotspot drop over a 'normal' drop?

Wendy Farmer

Hi Paula

the snap to and states should be working as I added an individual return drop for each item and a change state trigger for each item.  These triggers etc are required as the DnD options only work for the original interation from word bank to text field drops - not the other way.

See attached video - are you not seeing this behaviour or am I miss understanding your requirement?

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