Changing state of icon when revisting


I am banging my head from last 2 days to create a slide for my client which has 4 icons on it. If user clicks on Rule 1 icon, it goes to the Rule 1 layer. On Rule 1 layer, when user clicks "here", it goes to Rule 1 slide. On Rule 1 slide, there is a Next button which takes user back to main slide which has all the icons.

My client wants when user comes back to the Main Slide (Rules one), the already visited icon should changed to a different color. Client also wants the Introduction text box to be there when user visits. 

Now, when I click next on Rule 1 slide, it takes me to the Main slide but the icon doesnt change, neither the Introduction text box appears. 

I am attaching the Storyline slide with this message. I am not sure what should I do to change the color of the icon. Please help me!!!





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Dane James

Looks like when you returned to the 1.1 Rules base layer you actually return to the saved state layer rule 1

There are different ways to do this but, I would create a true/false variable for each rule set to false and then add a trigger to each rule slide to change the variable from false to true when the timeline starts. You will need to add a triggers on your main slide for each of the icons.  See attached screen shots.

Also change 1.1 Rules Base layer to: Reset to initial state

Hope this helps