Changing State of Menu Item To Visited

Jun 28, 2016

Hey Fellow E-Learning Heroes,

Newbie here so please bear with me :).  I have a course menu slide that allows my users to select one of five sections of the course they may view. Selecting that menu item, launches a new scene that they proceed through. Once they that scene/course section is done they come  back to the course menu. From the menu they can then select a different section/scene to complete.

What trigger should I use to make the menu change from the "normal" state to a "visited" state that displays a check mark to inform the learner know that they have finished a section(s) of the course? 

Thanks in advance!

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Walt Hamilton

If an object has a Visited state, clicking on it will set it to the Visited state, with no need for a trigger. All you have to do is create the Visited state, and if that works you are good to go.

If it doesn't, (and sometimes Visited is unreliable if your side excoursion is complicated), then you may need to create a custom (I call it Completed) state and set it with triggers with variables and conditions.

By all means, try the built-in system first and see if you can get away with it.

Lila Elliott

Hi Ashley,

Thanks for the help article and I've adjusted my objects (menu items) to use the built in states.

I'm still running into issues. I'm unable to keep the menu to stay in the visited states after the user comes back to the menu slide. I have two triggers in place one that jumps storyline to the "Automation Rules Intro" scene and another that should change the state to "visited" when the "Automation Rules Menu" item is clicked on.

I've set the menu slide layers to "Resume saved state" upon revisits. If it helps I'm using this template and the menu layers are stored in the slide master view.

Screenshot attached. I'm sure it is something simple that I am over looking... 

Walt Hamilton
Lila Elliott

another that should change the state to "visited" when the "Automation Rules Menu" item is clicked on


The built-in states, like Visited, have triggers hardwired. If you write a trigger, then it is possible your trigger and the built-in one will conflict with results that are seldom desirable, and almost always unpredictable, as you are finding out.

Delete your trigger; clicking on the object will change it to Visited state, if it has a Visited state.

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