Changing state of object on master slide in SL3

Mar 30, 2018

In storyline 2, I created a project where objects on the master slide would change state based on what was happening on other slides.  Basically, by creating a variable, and changing it on various slides.

The triggers on the master slide were like:
Change state of box 1 to "correct" when timeline starts if variable=1
Change state of box1 to "incorrect" when timeline starts if variable=2

This all worked, and life was good.

I've recently converted this project to Storyline 3, and those triggers on the master slide are not working anymore.  The objects never change state, even though I've verified that those variables are changing.

Has there been a functionality change with how triggers on the master slide work?

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Wendy Farmer

Hi Tim

a similar issue with triggers but not on the master slide. We converted a project from SL2 to SL360 and triggers that were supposed to be located in the 'slide' category in the trigger panel were jumping to the 'player' category of the trigger panel and the slide wouldn't work as expected. Even moving them back to where they were supposed to be as soon as you closed and reopened the file they'd jump was flagged as a bug on upgrade.

Not saying your issue is the same, perhaps you can share the .story file for someone to take a look at.

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