Changing State of Text in a Single Text Box

Hello!  I am trying to what I thought was a pretty simple task in storyline to change the state of a text box using the 'states' option.  First state is normal white text, second state the first line in the box turns to yellow, third state the first line goes back to white and the second line turns yellow.

I set up triggers with cue points to change the state of the text box but when I play the animation, nothing is happening.   It all is staying white.

Has anyone run into this before?

Thank you!

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Jessie Bernal

This was super frustrating as I just spend about an hour trying to change the states of text boxes. I also tried Walt's suggestion of changing state during a timeline second vs. when a timeline starts for an object. Here is why neither worked for me...

1. In states I moved the text box around on the screen to be displayed at a different location on state 1 then on state 2. While SL lets you do this, it will fail in the end and just replay State 1 only or all the states on top of each other. I'm assuming a total glitch.